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About Taylor

I'm Taylor Gutcher, Private Practice Recreation Therapist 

My Story

As a child, my grandparents played a significant role in my life and shaped who I am today. One memory that stands out is visiting my great grandma at a care home and wanting to make her happy. Another memory is learning to ride a bike with the support and encouragement of my grandparents and the neighbourhood (this is where I became known as the "neighbourhood granddaughter") 


Fast forward to High School when they start asking you to figure out what career you want to do for the rest of your life. From those memories, I knew the population I wanted to work with and sort of an idea of what I wanted to do, but it took a while to figure it out exactly. By grade 12, I was introduced to the Recreation and Leisure program that I could take in College that could lead me into a career in working with the elderly. I attended Fanshawe College for the 2-year Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma Program. Once graduated, I attended Brock University for another 2 years and graduated with a Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies, with a Major in Therapeutic Recreation.


Now for my dreams... I have always dreamed of one day designing, building and running my own long term care home.. A huge dream I know. But, I wanted to create a space that didn't feel like a long term care facility, but that felt like the community I grew up in being a "neighbourhood granddaughter". However, my passion for meaningful connections with the elders is something that truly fills my heart, and thus, we have this dream that came into play. Working in a long term care facility in a group environment for 3.5 years changed when COVID-19 hit. Our group programming was changed to one on one visits and I noticed that although the group programming was stimulating, providing one on one visits allowed some residents leisurely needs to be met further. Along with this knowledge, I also noticed a gap in the system. Within my close family, there are family members on a 3 to 5 year wait list for a bed in long term care. While they are waiting, family is providing care and support, however, there is a lack of recreation and leisure based activities being supported to stimulate them. This is where I come in, to provide that support!! 


2018 - 2021

Full Time Recreation Therapist in a Long-Term Care Home in Wellington County


Bachelor of Recreation & Leisure Studies with a Major in Therapeutic Recreation from Brock University 


Recreation & Leisure Services Diploma from Fanshawe College

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